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How The Process Works


Poly Fuel 3000A uses a pyrolysis recycling process which transforms waste plastic into a liquid source of alternative energy in the kerosene to diesel range. This transforms waste plastic which cannot be recycled in any other way into a fuel which is suitable to run an engine of heat for an office building. The Poly Fuel 3000A is environmentally friendly and uses approximately 8% of its own fuel to run the process.

Internal temperatures of the retort range from 317ºC to 425 ºC in an oxygen deprived environment at less than six pound of pressure. As the plastic melts the resulting gases are passed through a catalyst and the carbon molecules are released. The new carbon chain is now a synthetic fuel similar to kerosene or diesel. This fuel is used to run the process thus making the Poly Fuel 3000A self-sufficient. The Poly Fuel 3000A can process 2500 kg of material per day and can be set up as part of a cell adding as many more units as the operator requires.

New Era For Recycling Plastic

The Poly Fuel 3000A uses batch method and can complete 2 batches per day. The Poly Fuel 3000A has a footprint of just four pallet spaces and arrives on site fully assembled and requires little setting up before operation can commence. The Poly Fuel 3000A can process HDPE LDPE and PE without sorting, washing or shredding.

The Poly Fuel 3000A is very simple to operate and staff can be trained in just one day to be proficient in its operation in addition the Poly Fuel 3000A can be remotely monitored worldwide with just an internet connection required. In designing the Poly Fuel 3000A, safety was one of the main priorities and with this in mind all the safety features are designed to be non-mechanical.